My Favorite Blogs of 2009

I was supposed to do my 2009 favorites in 2009 but what can I say, I can never conform to any deadlines or rules, rules and deadlines are for sissy’s.

So  I am going to do it starting today. And by starting today there could be more on the way, or not.

Today I will tell you about my favorite blogs of 2009:

1) Driven by Curiosity by Madas.  (

Love her subjects. Love her style. Love her writing.

And to top things off she has multi-talents.

Here are some of my picks:

An experience of a girl on the streets of Amman

Inheritance uncles and daughters

Why knowledge of HIV prevention is not about to spread any time soon

Why don’t men break the umbilical cords that attach them to their mothers?

2) Southern Muslimah. (

Once I got hooked on her blog in 2009 she decided to “Exit the stage“. Bummer but I wish her all the best.

I find her style very relate-able and calming, I enjoyed reading her posts.

My picks:

My mind as five star five subject (My answer is yes you can and please do 🙂 )

A poem on Saturday

Gone to the dogs

Pass the fox you angry raisin (Still makes me laugh, hahahaha)

3) Waiter Rant (

Waiter turned blogger turned published author. He has amazing talent when it comes to writing.

I was reading him before he published his first book he was an anonymous blogger who basically ranted about being ,well , a waiter. Pretty interesting and funny stuff. But once he got published and was on Oprah his writing transformed and became much much more. I really enjoy his writing.

My picks:

The Eyes Have It


The Last Face


4) Violence Unsilenced (

This blog is heavy duty. About twice a week a woman shares her story of abuse whether physical, sexual or verbal.

These are the stories of the survivors. I really hope women in similar situations read it and get inspired to do something.

5) 7iber.  (

I love me some citizenship media.

This year 7iber really took off and blossomed. The variety of the subjects , the quality of  stories are pretty remarkable.

My picks:
Abused, Discriminated Against and Labeled as the Enemy

A Legal Framework Against Sexual Violence

Discriminating Law; Legalizing Injustice

مقالة مصورة: داخل مركز إصلاح وتأهيل الموقر


Updated: Here are some honorable mentions:

. The Mom Slant. ( Very well thought out articles (posts) I really enjoy her analysis.

. Girl Gone Child. ( Such poetic writing. She makes motherhood magical.

. Momversations . ( . Here you have a bunch of moms who bring up a subject and talk about it  on camera.  I really enjoy the different points of view and subjects.

What were your favorite blogs of 2009?


10 Responses

  1. Thank you very much:) I enjoy your comments and your blog as well.

  2. I am appalled I did not make it to your list. You’re stupid and I hate you. I hope a squirrel jumps into your blender while you make kiwi cocktail.

  3. Madas: Hey Madas 🙂 . By the way, I read the blind assassin. LOVED IT. I reviewed it on my books page.

    KJ: This is only the 2009 list. You are on my ALWAYS list 😀 . Hehehe . Oh and one more thing. I love you too!

  4. I like Mariam’s writing a lot especially in recent months after she watered down her rhetoric to an acceptable level. I have been reading her blog ever since she started writing on regular basis. Regrettably, she didn’t make the top five list, she could be up there amongst the top ten. Any way, here is my favorite five not in any particular order.
    Ahmad Humeid, Tololy,Nas, Mohammad Omar, and yes Kinzi.

  5. I forgot to mention that I liked your post about the socks that get lost in the dryer, it is really a mystery.

  6. Ahlan Ahlan ya hatem 🙂 . You favorites are among mine. I just wanted to shine a light on the blogs that really won me over in 2009. Kinzi, tololy and Nas have won me over before i started blogging 😀 .

    As for the socks, did you read my followup post about how I uncovered the mystery? Fascinating read, up their with Nas’s best political posts. LOL.

  7. Thank you so much–SO much–for including Violence UnSilenced on this list. I’m so grateful for any opportunity to spread the word. Thank you for taking up the cause!

  8. Maggie: No thank you for providing an outlet for these women. I really believe in this issue because in my home country Jordan some women suffer and they have no voice.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. 7aki,

    Yes, I read the follow up on the lost socks but I’m not convinced. I still can’t figure out what happens to the other sock ????

  10. 7aki, great great list with some of my favorites!!! Madas I’ve met now and Southern Muslimah has become an off-line fav.

    I am sorry I never clicked on Maggie’s blog. I promise to do that and start spreading the word in my sphere.

    (Hatem, thx for your kindness!!! Getting tacked into that group of bloggers is an honor)

    You win for my Favorite Funny Blogger. LOVE your insights, and your serious stuff too.

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