The Best Invention Ever

Are you ready to be amazed?


You know why? Because even when they fail/break down they are still functioning.

They turn into stairs.

What do you think is the best invention ever?

And this concludes my random thought of the day.


18 Responses

  1. best invention: women. They are good life partners but when they’re not functioning that’s even better

  2. Hareega: LOL.

  3. Never thought of escalators this way. You are right they still can be in service even when they are out of service. Brilliant!
    I don’t think I can decide what the best invention would be. But for now I would say the internet.

  4. Hair-Rollers.. Even if you were out of electricity they will make you look your best 🙂

  5. I hate them when they r out of service..

  6. What u are talking about is robustness in design that was never meant to be! It is just a coincidence! Have u ever tried an escalator stopping while u are on board? u will sleep in bed for 5 days because of the pains in ur back!

    However, the best invention of the 20 century was selected to be the toilet! No need to explain why! Although we as the human beings of the 21st century do not really feel the importance of this thing!

  7. Btw, ur site is categorized as [adult content/personal pages] on orange’s parental control! Just thought that u should know!

  8. jaraad: Yup, the internet is pretty cool. It changed the world, it truly did.

    Rula-A: I have curly hair so I can’t relate 🙂 .

    sealover: it depends how high they go up.

    Haitham1 : I havn’t experienced that no. And from what you are saying thank God I didn’t.
    Toilets , hmmmm I have to think about that.

    Haitham2: Where do you see that rating? What’s Orange? The ISP in Jordan?

  9. yea! I have to use a proxy tool to show ur site!

  10. oh plz correct my name =) am sry!

  11. haitham: That’s odd. I don’t know what’s that about but other people in Jordan don’t need to use a proxy to access it. You might want to check with your ISP.

    And since when does Orange block websites?

  12. no no no! I said this is parental control! I have this service added to my account!

  13. They are useful when they don’t work but they’re also not like real stairs, The step is higher which gets you tired faster.

    Or is it just me not liking to do any effort what so ever ?, LOL!

  14. haitham: oh. Got it. Maybe you can call them and tell them that the site is PG.

    Ali: Hehehehehe

  15. Baby wipes, they are so…. multi purpose at my house

  16. nutella… has no purpose but to make you feel better pure bliss ahhhhh

  17. I always say that best invention ever is MASCARA!!
    Second best invention is eye lash curler:)

  18. I am in year 7 and i need a speech on the greatest invention ever but i want a funny speech and on something that’s out there

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