A Mini Mixed Review: True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse Books

I loved watching the first 2 seasons of the show True Blood so when I knew there were NINE books that inspired the show I jumped right in and started reading them.

I really enjoyed reading the books which were very entertaining and quick reads!

The show differs from the books but I think the difference is actually good, I like the changes they made which makes watching the show exciting, like Jason’s character plays a very big role in the show not so much in the book, also Lafayette is awesome in the show and he is barely mentioned in the books. There is one exception though, Tara plays a big role on the show and is barely in the books and I hate Tara’s Character,  if Tara dies tomorrow (on the show of course )  I would be glad, she KILLS ME.

Back to the books. I will not deny that these books are by no means literature feats but they are fun and an entertaining diversion from the real world since they are based on fairies, vampires werewolves witches and telepaths. They are filled with mystical creatures and worlds.

So if you are tired of reading serious books and you like vampires, hop on the true blood bandwagon and enjoy the ride.

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4 Responses

  1. Ooh nice review 7aki! I really enjoyed both the show and the books a lot. The show is extremely well done, while the books are like you said, extremely creative and a lot of fun to read.

  2. I started watching true blood and I am almost done with season 1. the series is ok. I felt that the story can be quiet boring but if you are implying that the tv show actually made the book more exciting, then I guess the book must be really boring.

    anyhow, let’s see if they’ll make 7 or 8 seasons for true blood or not. 😉

  3. OK so here’s the scoop, the seires is boring because of Tara , I hate her guts, like die or something already. SO the show is better than the book in some places and the book is better than the show in others. So it kinda balances out, you’ll find surprises in the book.

    Book 10 is coming out soon so we’ll see, I think by the end Sookie will either become a vampire or God the way events are escalating. LOL.

  4. I totally agree with you reg Tara…apart from her, the series rocks though 🙂

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