World Without End

World Without End is a sequel of The Pillars of the Earth. A book rich in history, social issues and religion with architecture sprinkled on top.

Unlike the pillars of the earth that revolved around building the Kingsbridge cathedral and was rich in architectural history this book focused more on the social aspects of life in the early 1300’s and all the politics that surrounded Kingsbridge priory .

You see the struggle of young against old, new ideas against well established traditions , women’s fight against prejudice and most importantly it talks about a love story that spanned decades of hardship and struggle.

One of the things that fascinated me is how women used to live and how they had to fight hard for their rights , for example if a woman speaks up or is gifted somehow and is a threat to the old based traditions or is against certain cultural issues she is deemed a witch and gets hanged or whipped to death.

It also talked about the black death and how thousands upon thousands of people died leaving behind empty cities and homes. It talks about how doctors used to treat patients and how one woman made a big difference it fighting the plague.

It’s not a short book to read, it’s about 1000 pages long but it kept me hooked and kept me wanting more.

You know a book is good that when it ends you are sad it did.

I give it the 7aki Fadi thumbs up

Currently reading: The Glass Castle

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5 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Qwaider Planet, New Book Reviews. New Book Reviews said: World Without End: World Without End is a sequel of The Pillars of the Earth. A book rich in histor… #books #writing […]

  2. Oh my! Thanks for the review
    so I take it it’s not a weak sequel to pillars?
    I loved pillars and I’m afraid that this will be a disappointment!

  3. You’re gonna love it Thaer.

  4. I thought you have a job now. 900 page books is a no no!

  5. LOL KJ, but I am reading more because I am back on the train.
    How’s it going by the way? Hope all is well.

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