The Glass Castle

What shocked me the most about the book “The Glass Castle” is the fact that it is a memoir.

I kept saying to myself, there is NO WAY there are people in the United States who lived/live like this!

This is the story of the author Jeannette Walls, her Mom, Dad and her three siblings.

The story starts with her 3-year-old self cooking hotdogs on the stove and sustaining 3 degree burns that left her scarred for life, which goes to show the degree of negligence she was living with. What does she do when she goes home from the hospital? She gets hungry and starts cooking hot dogs with  her parents cheering her on and telling her , way to go kid, this is how you should face your fears.

With a very intelligent alcoholic father, that taught his kids everything they knew, who unfortunately always spent the family money on booze and only thought of his next drink, and a mother who failed to grow up and refused to face reality. Despite that the story still manages to be a story of triumph and success.

As sad as her childhood was , no food for days on end, living in the desert because they had no place to stay, walking for miles when their car broke down on the highway, living in a home with no heat, electricity or in some cases even stairs to go into the house, they had to climb through a window to get in , I found myself unable to hate her parents who are without a doubt the reason of this families trials.

Jeannette managed to write a powerful memoir that made you understand the weakness and limitations of some humans, you could be the most intelligent and loving father but still fail to provide and protect your family because of reasons beyond your control.

I absolutely enjoyed the book, it opened up my eyes to a new world I thought never existed!

If I could take only one message from this book it is no matter what difficulties you face in life if you are smart and determined you will always succeed.

I give it the 2 thumbs up

Currently reading: What the dog saw by  Malcolm Gladwell

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9 Responses

  1. I was so intrigued that I stopped reading your post after the first line. Will definitely check it out. Thanks!

  2. Hope you enjoy it Tallouza. It is very entertaining.

  3. How cruel…but definitely will make for compelling reading, I guess

    Good review!

  4. I just had to comment. This is one of my all-time favorite books! Jeannette Walls knows how to be a very compelling writer, and not only that, but she writes in a way that doesn’t make you hate her parents at all. She lets you understand them, and you know that she accepts them the way they are. She is a better person for the way that she lived. I thought it was an amazing read, and I still re-read it often.

  5. Nishita: Give it a try you might like it 🙂 .

    Hala J: The author is amazing. They do say art comes from misery or insanity usually right, who would want to read a my life is hunky dory book?

  6. That’s very true. A “my life is hunky dory” book would be pretty lame unless it’s filled with gossip or whatever, which seems to sell these days. But that wouldn’t make them count me as one of their readers, hehe.

  7. […] before some lady picked them up and took them back home. A very interesting book reviewed here by 7aki fadi. al hamdolillah I have a car,and yes, I love my car 🙂 Posted by nido at […]

  8. I always wonder, how can a “working” mother of “two” daughters find time to read all these books and watch all these movies? Allahoma la 7asad, lol
    I’m a working mother of one and barely have time to check my e-mail. Any tips or advices on how to have a “me” time again? Please? I’ll be thankful 🙂

  9. Hey Diana: I sit on the train for 2 hours everyday so I manage to squeeze in a lot of reading.

    Also I read a bit before I sleep and watch movies when the kids go to bed.

    The secret, get the kids to bed early … shhhhh don’t tell anyone 😉

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