The Well-dressed Ape: A Natural History Of Myself


I have not read a non fiction kinda scientific book (biology) in a while that was sooooo much fun, the author, Hannah Holmes, is hilariuos.  At one point in the book she stood in the front of the mirror naked and used herself as a study specimen and OMG I couldn’t stop laughing.

She manages to use self deprecating humor in such a great balance that I giggled throughout the whole book but still got SO much information out of it.

The book is VERY informative but NEVER boring. It’s like the books : A short history of nearly everything and a short history of progress.

Well as the title suggest the book talks about humans and studies them as if they were animals, talks about the food they eat, their habitat , mating rituals, their brains , even why they have hair and many many things.

I urge you to read it, not a lot of times do you find books that educate you AND entertain you at the same time.

I am going to bookmark all her books.

3 thumbs up! Maybe in 10000 years after humans evolve another thumb.

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3 Responses

  1. added to the list since it sounds like something i’ll read

  2. Since I have loved all the books you have recommended so far, i am definitely gonna add this to my list

  3. bam: Turtle Mocha: I hope it doesn’t dissapoint 😀 .

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