Work, Red Shoes And Stuff.

Man it feels I have not blogged for ages. Well I did not blog for ages.

I have been really busy at work, no time to screw around  busy.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know I have 2 kids now. And nobody told me that having 2 kids is like having NO LIFE. I am telling you, one kid is a piece of cake add number 2 and all of a sudden there is no time for ANYTHING that has to do with YOU aka the Mom.

And I am already getting pressure from the family to have number 3, you know what people SHUT UP about number 3. I think I am DONE….maybe? darn it, you see, those little buggers are so cute and cuddly and …and … Buddha bellied…. CUTE….until they puke all over the bed, and the floor and the wall.Actually, after second thought, I think I’m done.

An update about ma familia:

Little 7aki is 6 now, wow, she’s a big girl, she’s kooky and crazy but in a good way, she likes to run with no inhibition, she would choose the black bike that has flames on it instead of the purple bike with streamers, fearless and brave.

She is pretty much kind of sort of self reliant now. And so fun to go out with to shop and chill where I don’t have to run after her and say stop and no and stuff. She likes to watch wipe out and also , YES I ADMIT IT, Americas funniest  home videos. What? It’s funny OK :P. It’s just when she giggles I want to bottle it up forever.

Little Buddha on the other hand, OH MY GOD If she didn’t look so much like me, I am serious our baby photos are identical , I would have thought she got switched at the hospital! She is so different from her sister, how can I word this very nicely, WHINY. hehe.

She whines AAAAALLLLLLLL THHHHHHHEEEEEE TIIMEEEEEEEE. For example, if she wants to eat she would say, kinda wimperish and cryish: mommy, fooooooood, NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. She really and honestly says now. She tells me, mama, haaaaaaaaalp me, LOL. I swear help with an A, Haaaaaaaalpme , kinda connected in one word, I want to tape it because it is sooooo funny! She speaks in a Khallili English dialect, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

She’s a Diva too, OMG try and change her clothes when she doesn’t want to;  hell would break loose, I mean , heap on the floor, kicking legs, screaming, and saying, off,off, NOWWWWWWWW.

She likes to carry this little purse around and she’s ALWAYS wearing my high heeled shoes around the house, no word of a lie, always click clacking on the hardwood floor.

And oh, she’s only 23 months!!!! WHAT???? This is supposed to be happening like when she like turns like THIRTEEN!!!!! …Like.

Little 7aki on the other hand would just say OK to whatever, wear this, eat that , don’t do this or that, so easy going,  until she goes outside and terrorizes ALL the kids on the street  seriously, no one messes with little 7aki.

Little Buddha is loved  by all because she is such a lamb, OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE!!!!! She is the boss of baba 7aki that one. And her Grandfathers favorite too, their bond is so beautiful and precious, brings joy to my heart every time I see it.

My girls; little 7aki who has the heart of an angel, so loving and caring and would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. And my little Buddha who lights up my life with her spunk and that sparkle in her eyes.

Although you two wear me out I would give anything to you….unless it’s my new red shoes, Buddha , I know you are only 23 months old but you better lay your hands off of those or I’m coming after you.


8 Responses

  1. I missed your blogging !!! I hope this means you’re kinda back 🙂 and all those sweet things doesn’t make you want a third? Think again we want the 7aki-man 😛

  2. Thanks Isam, I am trying ot squeeze some blogging in 🙂 . They are sweet , really sweet, but I am tired and I just want to sleep, and wake up in morning and do NOTHING lol

    So Isam, any news on the marriage front?

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  4. Eishhhhhhhhh! My mother got to you too! That woman is powerful. Sigh.

    I am still a young man 7aki. So I am not in a hurry. I could make exceptions however 😛 When it’s time it will be time so no need to worry. Tell that to my mother when you see her ok? 😉

  5. Love your news again…and oh yea, I may have forgotten to mention about the 2nd child syndrome. I had my 3rd 21 months later, so must’ve forgotten.

    Somewhere, you do get a semblence of life back, but never like it was. You will go “So just what did I do with my time before #2 came?”

  6. Isam: hahahaha. Yes don’t rush, I was just wondering about it is all 🙂 . Moms are always on our cases aren’t they? My mom wants me to have number 3 and she promises to take care of it for me, talk about false hopes and promises just to get me to have number three, too funny!

    Kinzi: Thanks Kinz. I see you are enjoying your stay in the states 🙂 . I read up all about it.

    You had number three when you had a 21 month old, GASP, I think I would die, lol,

  7. This is one of the most sweetest posts I’ve read in a looong time. Ah, I love your writings. I absolutely do. I love the way you describe your kids… you always make me LOL 🙂

    And the rugplosion post was hilarious.

  8. Thanks shaelaiza 😀

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