I think some people think that when they have headphones on that are cranked up that they become invisible; not only nobody can hear them but also no one can see them.

If I can’t hear me then nobody can … duhhh

Today this guy who had headphones on proceeded to clear his throat and spit out a huge spit ball 5 feet across where he was walking. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW . Like DUDE I am walking right behind you and you are disgusting, oh wait, he has headphones on, duh, he is invisible, I can’t be bothered by an invisible man spitting an invisible spit ball right in front of me….duh me.

Dudes with headphones, before you belt out your favorite song or do that disgusting noise and then proceed to spit LOOK AROUND YOU FIRST.

And that concludes today’s service announcement


Post Edit: WOW, I have not posted here for over 2 months!!!!


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