10 Year Wedding Anniversary Part 2

BamBam (who’s a good friend) emailed me today and told me that I was a “Poo Poo Head” for cramping Baba 7aki’s style and that I should have let him “do his thing” and I can go buy myself the IPad.

Little does he know that before I even read his email I was feeling HORRIBLE about being a flat out surprise spoiler ( yeah Baba 7aki was a bit miffed) and now I feel even WORSE.


And then he wanted to know what I got my man so here goes:

I got him this yesterday:

We already have the PS3 and I knew he had his eye on the PS3 move for a while .

I spent about an hour setting it up and downloading some games; we have an entertainment centre that is about 9 feet away from the TV and all the wiring is snaked inside the wall(maybe I will share some pics one day) so I had to buy USB extension cord and set the “eye” on top of the TV to make sure it’s positioned properly and did all this good stuff before he got home. To my luck he was working a bit late and came in JUST as I finished setting things up ; I managed to sneak in some play time, MWAAAHAHAHAHA , my arm hurts though, that move gets you moving!

I wanted to show it to him this morning but I CANNOT WAIT TO SURPRISE SOMEONE TO SAVE MY LIFE so I showed him his present last night…he he he I am such a loser. He LOVED it

Baba 7aki is lucky to have a techie wife I tell ya 😀 . And don’t tell him I said this but sometimes my technical skills surpass his. heheeeeee . Fo realz yo.

Tonight we will have our dinner and little does he know that I have another surprise up my sleeve; he thinks he got the “Move” and that is it but I also got him this:

I hope he likes it.

And yeah, I will be lucky if I get a MOFO shib-shib (flip flops) after upsetting him yesterday . LOL.



6 Responses

  1. happy anniversary okht 7aki fadi

  2. LOL, LOVE BAM! He calls it right so often 🙂

    You are an amazing wife. You keep the rule #1 of marriage: never be boring.

  3. YAY i can finally comment after registering and i ended up with my secondary nick, but oh well.
    Sorry for making you feel bad, but i totally know about how he would feel. I suck at plotting surprises and i’m always busted when i do.
    But I get to have my victories after a few spoiled ones now 😛
    But you did totally good by him and that watch is damn sexy i likey

  4. Hareega: Thank you Dr Hareega 🙂 3o2balak.

    Kinzi: Bam is a trouble maker that one 😀 .
    Thanks Kinzi for the compliment.

    Bam: Yay Bam you registered! I feel bad because he really was trying hard to surprise me. Next time I will just pretend I have no idea what’s going on.
    Isn’t the watch AMAZING! I want one for me so we’ll have a his and hers. hehehe

  5. HAHA you guys are so cute 7aki! I love that watch I bought it for my dad a few years back and got my mom the female version, Emporio Armani makes good watches! 😀

    So what did he get you?!

  6. Hi Shah. welcome to the blog 😀 . I will let you know soon 😉

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