10 Year Wedding Anniversary Part 3

I didn’t mean for this 10 year wedding anniversary blog to drag on forever. I promise this is the last post about this but look at what Baba 7aki got me!

He got me a GORGEOUS Michael Kors watch. It looks soooo amazing, I am going to resize it today. You should see it in person; it sparkles 😀 .

Baba 7aki has donez goodz

# White ceramic and rose golden bracelet strap.
# Rose golden and white ceramic bezel.
# Mother-of-pearl and white face with golden time stops and crystal insets.

But as you know these kinds of occasions are not about presents they are about …….. nah, presents are fun. LOL.

And he surprised me! Yesterday he was saying, oh the present I was going to get you was not in stock so maybe I’ll get you something next week and I really believed him and he comes in with the bag and I see Micheal Kors printed on it so I jumped and grabbed it! I’ve been wanting one of these watches forever.

So finally baba 7aki was able to surprise me and he was sooo happy

And this concludes the 10 year wedding anniversary trilogy.


8 Responses

  1. omg the watch is SO pretty. I love it I want one!!! Baba 7aki has good taste 😉 I see why you’ve been together for so long!

    I see another 10 more happy years ahead for you two! 😀

  2. Thanks soooooo much Shah 😀 . I can’t wait to go fit it.

  3. i love watches they are so chic and retro too. 😉 good luck in the relationship.

  4. Thanks Hayidan 😀

  5. Suhweeeeet. Good hubby, good wifey, great story.

  6. Thanks Kiiiiinz 😀 .

  7. 🙂
    Gifts r fun indeed, mabrook 🙂


  8. Haitham: allah yibarek feek 🙂

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