The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy

I read The girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire and The girl who kicked the hornets nest by Stieg Larsson and thought they were OK.

What interested me was the author more than the books themselves; did you know that the author died back in 2004 and the books were published after his death? Interesting I thought.

It’s a story about :

A 24-year-old computer hacker sporting an assortment of tattoos and body piercings and afflicted with Asperger Syndrome or something of the like has been under state guardianship in her native Sweden since she was thirteen. She supports herself by doing deep background investigations for Dragan Armansky, who, in turn, worries the anorexic-looking Lisbeth Salander is “the perfect victim for anyone who wished her ill.” Salander may look fourteen and stubbornly shun social norms, but she possesses the inner strength of a determined survivor. She sees more than her word processor page in black and white and despises the users and abusers of this world. She won’t hesitate to exact her own unique brand of retribution against small-potatoes bullies, sick predators, and corrupt magnates alike.

I know there’s a big hype over these books but I thought they were just alright. Nothing to write home about.

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5 Responses

  1. I liked them, but stayed in them more for the case study of an angry Asperger’s abuse victim, and to see if the reporter would pay for his casual approach to love.

    I dug up some interesting stuff about the author on a post, I’ll come back with the link.

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  4. Thanks Kinz. Will definitely check the link.

  5. Published after his death! Now that`s something you don`t see often 🙂

    Very good read, thanks.


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