I Have EVIL in My House …



… and it’s called Baby Alive Wet and Giggle.

The key word here is WET, she wets her diaper.


Little Buddha, who is almost 3, is OBSESSED with changing her diaper every 5 minutes, I am not exaggerating, we gave it to her , as an Eid present , on Tuesday at 9 and except for her 1.5 hour naps I , yes I, changed her diaper 1,038,754,572,384 times.

But see, this gift, although is evil, is a blessing in disguise; I am now SURE I do not want a third child.

Ahhhhh, that felt good LOL.

And the diapers are none reusable, WTF??? I now need to buy doll diapers???? Are you people on Crack??? So I am heading to the baby store in search of cloth diapers, for preemies, very green of me.

Sigh, what I do for my kids.


7 Responses

  1. hahahhah my aunt gave one of those to my daughter, but I never told her it could get wet bwahaha

  2. Wow you defeated the evil!

  3. Jessyz…tozzzzzz!!! I never told my daughter they make baby dolls that pee.

    7aki, green diapers indeed! They won’t need to be washed, you foiled the secret consumer conspiracy of the Evil Doll Makers. Muhaha!

  4. You know, I heard that kids know very well how to abuse their parents. Since she sees you change her diaper and do her bidding whenever she wants, she can control mommy. If you let her stay in her filth she’ll stop doing it.

  5. Kinzi: They are so Evil, I cold not believe that they want ME to buy stupid doll diapers!

    Kinan: Hey Kinan 🙂 . Buddha is potty trained its the dolly that I am changing LOL .

  6. Yikes, that diaper actually gets wet! I thought it was just pretend. Ha, these toy makers are really smart evil LOL 😀

  7. They are Evil. LOL.

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