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The Thing I Miss the Most about Living in Jordan

I never thought I would say this but there is one thing you can’t find here in Canada that you can find in Jordan and the Middle East.

Galaxy chocolate.

When baba 7aki went to Dubai it was the first thing I asked him to get me. I said:” I NEEEEEEED galaxy”

And baba 7aki delivered.

Behold the galaxy:

Yes, it says 24. 24 bars that is.

Yes, it says 24.

My Hello Kitty Obsession

Since I was a kid I LOVED hello kitty and still do!

I was in Toronto in Mid January and found a beautiful hello kitty necklace. Little 7aki saw it and said”Wow this is pretty is it for me?” I was like “Nooooooooooooooooooo. This is Mommy’s,  but you can borrow it .” Heheheh.

I wish I could take a picture and show you but me no have the camera. The camera is in Dubai. but it looks something like this but more blingy:


Another thing I am addicted to, kinder surprise, she is not allowed to play with my collection, YES I have a collection and it a  big collection and she’s not allowed to touch it. I tell her ” Get your own” HAHAHAHAHHAAHA.

Sigh. Will I ever grow up?

The Best Brownies Recipe EVER.

Today I will share with you THE BEST brownies recipe you will ever EVER eat.

You will lick your fingers after you are done eating them.

It’s my secret recipe.

Are you ready to handle the brownies, OK here goes.

First you need this:


Then follow the instructions on the box.

HAHAHAHAHAHHA. I swear they are THE best brownies, screw from scratch when you can get boxed heaven. And nobody has to know it’s from a box. Mwahaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaa.

(Sorry Summer if you thought I will actually have a recipe, hehehehe)

Best Invention Since Sliced Bread?

Audio books!

As you all know I have been a bit preoccupied and my hands have been a bit tied up.

As I felt my brain shrinking from all the things I was not doing ( like say working and reading) I went RUNNING to my public library to try and solve the shrinkage problem. As I was browsing the isles I glanced something that made me jump up and down with glee … an audio book , non other than “Shopaholic and Baby“. Granted taht this book is for brain dead people which , ummm I was on hte verge of becoming, and since I did not want to start reading books that could cause me to hurt my brain after not using it for a while I borrowed it and OMG did I enjoy reading listening to it . I finished it in a day. I never knew audio books are so much faster to read listen to!

The fact that it took me 1 day means that I can go through MORE books now while peanut is latched on sucking the last brain cell that is left feeding!

There is still heaven on earth! And the best part is, they are FREE!!!!

So my book review? The book was funny, light and brainless just like the doctor ordered.

currently listening to “The Undomestic Goddess” another light book, baby steps people, baby steps.

A word of advice? Don’t listen to it while there are kids around unless you are using headphones ; there is a bit of swearing . Try and explain to a four year old why the lady on the CD was saying bad four letter words.

All new Mommys out there (or any book chalanged people), go visit your public library NOW!

Hello My Name Is 7aki And I Am An Addict.

Yup, I can’t hide it anymore, I am addicted, BIG TIME. I can’t stop so shoot me.

I am addicted to sniffing her all over; her little neck and her little toes (sometimes they smell funny, hahaha) and her hair and OH MY GOD everything.

I can’t get enough all day and night.

Well I am not addicted to her poop, nope. And I wouldn’t mind sleeping at night. And my boobs hurt like a MOFO.

BUT sniff sniff sniff ALL DAY.


OK so I fa3asetha the other day and little 7aki came running and said stop, don’t be so rough, hehehe, but I couldn’t help it I had to. And then I kissed her really hard and little 7aki yanked my face away, HAHAHAHAHA.

I think little 7aki will be the protective older sister.

God I love my girls.

Cartoons and LSD

Little 7aki loves cartoons. I present you with a sampling of what she likes to watch and some questions that plague me every-time I sit there and watch.

1) Toopy and Binoo.

Little 7aki’s favorite, she is mesmerised every-time she watches it.

Where do I start on Toopy and Binoo, my goodness.

I can sum it up pretty easily; Toopy is a cross dressing mouse on LSD.

Look at this picture, that is a dress and an apron. Dude, what’s up with the dresses, this guy wears dresses every chance he gets, and makeup too! Every Halloween he dresses up as a tutu wearing ballerina or a princess. It’s been 3 years and every year I check he’s in a dress.


This mouse(or creature) is always hallucinating and dreaming up rainbows and weird things, like he once had a daydream that he was in a bowl of cheerios cereal and that the spoon was a big water dragon following him. Seriously, he is on LSD. (The Wiki page is facinating)


2) Little Bear.

This is little 7aki’s 2nd favorite show, she loves it. I like it too because it’s very soothing, they play classical music as background music and it’s all charming, I really don’t have any issues with little bear. But I do have one question.

Why is little bear naked while his mom and dad wear clothes? It’s a mystery to me.


3) Max and Ruby.

Oh I hate hate hate Max and Ruby. It’s the bossy little sister that is ALWAYS looking after her little brother.


Look at these pictures, she sweeps AND changes her brothers clothes, I really need to know where the parents are at.

max_ruby_team.jpeg  max-and-ruby.jpeg

4) Barney.

We are a Barney free household, he is banned at our house, little 7aki is not, under any circumstances, allowed to watch it. I just wanted to share that piece of information 😀 . BANNED.

Here is what I like to see done to Barny


5) And since I am asking questions,  I have another one. Why does Donald Duck always wear a top and no pants but when he comes out of the shower he puts a towel around his waist? Always puzzled me as a kid. Another unsolved mystery.


ps: Thanks to everybody who emailed me or showed concern over my absence (Tinker you are so sweet), I was away on a trip and then came back and was sicker than a dog but I am back on track now and will delight you with some more 7aki Fadi 😀 .

Because No One Demanded It – DS Lite: The Conclusion

** A post contirbution by William ** 

Yes, it’s the final instalment of the saga.

As a last ditch effort last week to get the DS Lite, I decided to resort to sympathetic magic. I went to Future Shop and purchased the 18-in-1 accessory kit for the DS, complete with case, screen protectors, car adaptor, etc. The theory is that you create an environment that will make the desired object want to be there, so it makes itself available. About an hour later, my wife called to say that she had found a DS Lite in stock at a store. Coincidence? I think not!

The really unusual thing is that Mrs. William isn’t nearly as enthusiastic about all things to do with video games, so her actually looking for the system and then buying it is sufficiently out of character that I am willing to believe that the sympathetic magic approach worked!

I love the system, the kids are already deciding what games they are going to buy for when they “borrow” it from me and everything is good.

And contrary to what Bob predicted, finally achieving my goal hasn’t resulted in my losing the will to live.

In the comments to the second post, Hamza provided a good example of what I WON’T do for a DS Lite, although that list was getting smaller by the day. If only I had realized that all I needed to do was sleep with someone (i.e. my wife) to get it . . .