My Hello Kitty Obsession

Since I was a kid I LOVED hello kitty and still do!

I was in Toronto in Mid January and found a beautiful hello kitty necklace. Little 7aki saw it and said”Wow this is pretty is it for me?” I was like “Nooooooooooooooooooo. This is Mommy’s,  but you can borrow it .” Heheheh.

I wish I could take a picture and show you but me no have the camera. The camera is in Dubai. but it looks something like this but more blingy:


Another thing I am addicted to, kinder surprise, she is not allowed to play with my collection, YES I have a collection and it a  big collection and she’s not allowed to touch it. I tell her ” Get your own” HAHAHAHAHHAAHA.

Sigh. Will I ever grow up?

Uncle Scrooge and the chewing gum

A guest post by 7aki’s sister

When I was about 8 or 9, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents, specially in the summer, I guess mama was trying to get rid of me or something :,-(

Whenever Grandpa left to work, Uncle scrooge (العم دهب) used to send me and my other uncle to go get gum and candy with our allowance, saying that he had the best idea for us to become very very rich.. so like the stupid little kids we were, we went to the store very happily and bought all the candy we could. Then he would wait till Grandma was busy with house work and made us sit on the sidewalk close to the house and SELL the stuff. This went on for about a week.. when we asked him for the money he said that he was saving it for us.. the Idiots we were!

So one Day my grandfather came back early from work and he saw me and my younger uncle selling gum and candy on the street and he went ballistic and started screaming at us “Don’t I give you enough money? Why are you doing this? Do you want us to look like beggars? Why do you want people to think that we are poor?…. etc.” at that point we were terrified and did not realize that what we were doing was wrong.. so we both started crying and told him that it was scrooge’s idea. Hearing this, Scrooge disappeared and was nowhere to be found for the whole day. By then Grandpa calmed down and only told him that it was wrong and he should never do it again.

Till this day, my mother has no idea that her own daughter sold gum and candy on the street.

Yeeeeee.. Fdee7a 😯

When My Bro Was Hit By a Car

When we were kids my Mom used to let me and my brother who was only 3.5 at the time go outside and play on the street. I used to be maybe in 2nd grade so I guess that would make me 7 years old.

We lived in a Cull De Sac so there were no traffic flow by no means. It was a very safe area to play.

My brother who was always stubborn and would never listen to ANYONE was running around and playing, it was time to go home. I got a bit worried because there were some cars and I told him to hold my hand, he was refusing to do that, so I threatened him that if he does not hold my hand that I will never take him outside to play and it worked! He held my hand and I was walking triumphantly that he listened to me. Then like the sneaky little stubborn bugger he was he let go of my hand, dashes out on the street laughing and kaboom, he got struck by a car.


The car screeched to a halt , there were 2 men in the car who left the car panicking like there was no tomorrow. They ran to my brother who was on the ground right by the car and they carried him and took him in the car and left.

I was stunned, first my brother gets hit by a car and then those 2 stranger men take him away, I was shouting at the men: “Where are you taking my brother, leave my brother alone” but no use, at that point all I could do is just watch the car leave terrified and bawling my eyes out.

I went running home. I was at that point incapable of saying anything and I was saying: “Brother, car , hit , men, gone, waaaaaaaaaaaaa3”

Like maybe 15 or 20 minutes later the 2 men brough my brother back, they apparently were soooo scared that they took him to the hospital to check and see that everything was alright.

ARE THESE MEN STUPID??? Like you took my brother away you bastards. At least take me too, or let me go get my mommy. BASTARDS.

But they are good people.

So the little stubborn bugger had not a scratch on him and he was perfect thank God.

I looked at my brother and he was chewing something, I was like:

Me: What’s that in your mouth?

Brother 7aki: 3am bakol 3ilkeh ( I am chewing gum)

Me: Where did you get that from? Is that the 3ilkeh (gum) I gave you like 3 hours ago?

Borhter 7aki: yeth (he used to lisp, LOL)

Me: and I am here bawling my eyes out and I thought you were dead and through all this commotion you are still chewing the gum you were chewing when you were hit by the car? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. You didn’t even swallow it out of terror when you were hit by the car?

Bother 7aki: La2, ma heih thakieh (zakieh ( no because it was tasty)


Oh man, my brother was such a nahfeh

And the whole lisping thing, my brother used to say, 3athr 2rooth (3ahsr 2roosh, ten piasters) We used to make sooooooo much fun of him.

My mom spent years trying to get him to stop lisping but he wouldn’t stop, he actually liked it and liked the attention.

So it was time for him to go to school, his first day of school, so my brother was very excited:

Brohter 7aki: Mama, biddi mathroofy, 2a3teeny 3athr 2rooth (mama, biddi masroofy, a3teeny 3ashr 2roosh, I want my allowance, give me 10 piasters)

Mom: Walak it’s 3ashr 2roosh, ma biddak ti7keeha sa7? (Aren’t you gonna stop lisping?)

Brother 7aki: Thu? (Shu) , I thaid 3athr 2rooth. (what? I said it right)

Mom: sigh, I don’t know what to do with this kid.

So my brother comes home from school on his first day and he runs to Mom

Bother 7aki: Mama, mama, biddi maSSary

Mom: What did you say?

Brother 7aki: 2a3teeny maSSary, biddi 3aSHr 2rooSH.

Mom: Walak batalet to2rot? HAHAHAHAHA (you stopped lisping?????)

Brother 7aki: Mahoo the kids at school made fun of me.

Can you believe that? My brother is a nahfeh 3anjad.

I have sooooooooooooo many stories about my brother, some day I might share the story of my brother and the dufda3 (frog)

The day 7aki got slapped, AGAIN!

Remember that one time when I was slapped by a monkey? I think it was a sign of things to come.

See, my Mom is a very peaceful person, never in her life did she have to resort to using her loud voice or physical power to get her point across. All she had to do is use her stare, we called in “The death stare”, she will just keep staring at you until she breaks you, LOL. For real, she would just not let up and keep looking you straight in the eye until you didn’t know what to do and then you would surrender and do whatever she wanted you to do.

For example she would ask me: “Go do the dishes”. Like a smart ass I would say: “Ma biddi (NO)”, and my mom would unleash the death stare, at first I would defiantly look her in the eye, and then after 2 seconds flat I would start looking away, then in another 2 seconds flat I would start giggling nervously, and then I would get up and do the dishes (zay ilshatra), mind you , my Mom at this point had not even uttered one word.

So one time my mom woke up really early, 6 in the morning, on a weekend, I also woke up and went looking for Mom to find that she was in the bathroom, so I snuck really quietly and sat down next to the closed bathroom door and waited for her to come out.

My Mom opened the door so I stood up, screamed really loudly and grabbed her. She got sooooooo scared that she slapped me.

It was the most painful KA-TESH slap EVER (The monkey slap was less painful, LOL) .

I really wonder, why didn’t she find it as funny as I did? HAAHHAHAHA.

Moral of the story 1: Never sneak up on my Mom to scare her.

Moral of the story 2: I perfected the death stare and I scare little 7aki into doing whatever I want, hehehehe.

Cartoons and LSD

Little 7aki loves cartoons. I present you with a sampling of what she likes to watch and some questions that plague me every-time I sit there and watch.

1) Toopy and Binoo.

Little 7aki’s favorite, she is mesmerised every-time she watches it.

Where do I start on Toopy and Binoo, my goodness.

I can sum it up pretty easily; Toopy is a cross dressing mouse on LSD.

Look at this picture, that is a dress and an apron. Dude, what’s up with the dresses, this guy wears dresses every chance he gets, and makeup too! Every Halloween he dresses up as a tutu wearing ballerina or a princess. It’s been 3 years and every year I check he’s in a dress.


This mouse(or creature) is always hallucinating and dreaming up rainbows and weird things, like he once had a daydream that he was in a bowl of cheerios cereal and that the spoon was a big water dragon following him. Seriously, he is on LSD. (The Wiki page is facinating)


2) Little Bear.

This is little 7aki’s 2nd favorite show, she loves it. I like it too because it’s very soothing, they play classical music as background music and it’s all charming, I really don’t have any issues with little bear. But I do have one question.

Why is little bear naked while his mom and dad wear clothes? It’s a mystery to me.


3) Max and Ruby.

Oh I hate hate hate Max and Ruby. It’s the bossy little sister that is ALWAYS looking after her little brother.


Look at these pictures, she sweeps AND changes her brothers clothes, I really need to know where the parents are at.

max_ruby_team.jpeg  max-and-ruby.jpeg

4) Barney.

We are a Barney free household, he is banned at our house, little 7aki is not, under any circumstances, allowed to watch it. I just wanted to share that piece of information 😀 . BANNED.

Here is what I like to see done to Barny


5) And since I am asking questions,  I have another one. Why does Donald Duck always wear a top and no pants but when he comes out of the shower he puts a towel around his waist? Always puzzled me as a kid. Another unsolved mystery.


ps: Thanks to everybody who emailed me or showed concern over my absence (Tinker you are so sweet), I was away on a trip and then came back and was sicker than a dog but I am back on track now and will delight you with some more 7aki Fadi 😀 .

Run 7aki, Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

I have a family that is crazy  I tell ya!

But nothing prepared me for what was about to happen. Even the monkey slap was better.

Here’s how it happened:

Once upon a time 7aki aka me was little.

Mama 7aki left “little 7aki senior” at a park.

The end.

I will never forget that day.

My family and 10 other families were at a picnic in Debeen. I Was playing somewhere and I was pretty occupied with whatever a little person gets occupied with. But something felt funny. All of a sudden I didn’t see any faces I recognized. No Mom, no Grandma , no brother, no annoying Grandmas friends, nobody.

I turn to head for the bus we came in and all I saw was the bus driving away leaving a trail of dust behind.

So I started running after the bus. In full speed. RUNNING like my life depended on it.

My life flashed in front of my eyes.

And as I was running I was thinking, “What’s our home phone number again?” and “Where do we live exactly?” and “My family are MOFOS” (Well maybe not MOFOS, Most probably I said “you poopy heads”, I acquired MOFOS later in life but it is sooo fitting here)

But then apparently my mom was like:

“Hey, where’s my flesh and blood?”

No answer

Panic ensues.

Someone sees me running after the bus which was quite far now.

The bus finally stops.

I stop running relieved that someone finally acknowledged my existence.

How could this possibly get any worse?

The bus didn’t come back to get me. I had to run all the way to the bus to board it. Talk about rubbing salt on the wounds!

Why didn’t you come back and get me you MEAN bus driver???

I was scarred for life.

I think it was a sign of things to come

Moral of the story: Learn how to run fast from an early age, you never know when it comes in handy.

Why was Wasfi Tal Street called “Gardens Street”

OK, I am tired of reading the same question over and over to why the Gardens street was called that.

Myth: It was called gardens because of the greenery.

Fact: There was a place on the street that had a restaurant, a pool a movie dome and some amusement park kind of rides that was called “The gardens”.

The street almost had nothing on it back in the day and “The gardens” was the most prominent place on the street therefor, like many streets in Amman, it got called by its most prominent place.

Another fact: When we were kids the gardens park used to have a monkey in a cage and you were allowed to feed it, so I was so excited to give it some popcorn, every time I extended my hand to give the monkey the popcorn and it extended it’s arm to get it I would withdraw my hand cos I was scared (I think I was KG2 or Grade one at the time) , I did it for like four times, then , all of a sudden and out of the blue the monkey got so frustrated and it slapped me soooooooooo hard on my face, LOL. STUPID UGLY MONKEY, I still hate it still. It hurt like a bitch.

Yeah , so it existed and I was there to “experience” it.

My favorite thing to do there was to watch a movie at the big dome there, wow it was sooo cool, you sit on the floor and the whole dome had the movie playing on all sides and the ceiling, they used to have roller coaster movies and airplane movies, if you laid on your back and watched you would think you were really flying.

At the gardens my sister learned how to swim (or didn’t learn how to swim). Her first swimming lesson? the instructor threw her at the deep end and told my mom: “Relax, her instinct will kick in and she will try hard to swim and maybe she will do it.” HAHAHAHAH . Stupid swimming instructor, are you RETARDED. Well it didn’t work, like DUH. So he had to go in and get her.

This concludes a history lesson in “Why was the gardens street called ‘The gardens Street’ “