The Coolest TV Advertisements EVER

This is such a good commercial. It’s for Loewe sound. Enjoy!

Speaking of cool, check this out. A Honda commercial.  They are very creative the Honda ad agency.

My Hello Kitty Obsession

Since I was a kid I LOVED hello kitty and still do!

I was in Toronto in Mid January and found a beautiful hello kitty necklace. Little 7aki saw it and said”Wow this is pretty is it for me?” I was like “Nooooooooooooooooooo. This is Mommy’s,  but you can borrow it .” Heheheh.

I wish I could take a picture and show you but me no have the camera. The camera is in Dubai. but it looks something like this but more blingy:


Another thing I am addicted to, kinder surprise, she is not allowed to play with my collection, YES I have a collection and it a  big collection and she’s not allowed to touch it. I tell her ” Get your own” HAHAHAHAHHAAHA.

Sigh. Will I ever grow up?


I am being bombarded with noise. Lots of noise.

Where ever I look there is visual noise in the form of advertising.

Billboards. Magazines , websites , newspapers, movie theater, TV, on the subway, on the train, on the train and subway station doors, on the train and subway station floors, on the food wrapper , on peoples suitcases and bags. They even managed to put ads in the bathroom stalls so it’s facing you when you sit down.

Everywhere I turn I see an ad for something.

I turn on the Radio to try and enjoy some music or talk show, ad after ad after ad.

I turn on the cartoon channel which is supposed to be public and ad free, they started plugging ads in it.

I look at the sky I see one of those airplanes pulling an ad banner.

I open my mailbox and for every bill (yeah I only get bills in the mail, I wish letters never went out of style) I get 15 pieces of junk mail.

I answer my phone telemarketers bombard me with products to sell. By the way I despise these people and the companies that use this method. Nothing is sacred anymore! Not even your home or your privacy.

I answer the door I get people selling something.

I am tired and sick of all this noise, very very very tired. There’s no escaping it everywhere I go I see it I hear it I experience it.

It is soul eroding.

They say on average we hear and see almost 3000 ads a day. I believe that. They are so ingrained in your day you don’t even notice them anymore.

So I put my headphones on really loud so not to hear it anymore and I bury my face in my book so I don’t see it anymore

But I when I take my headphones off and rest my eyes from reading I see it , and I covet things and I hate myself for it.

Swear Jar

OMG OMG OMG this is soooo funny.

My favorite line :” There’s a douche bag for you on line 3″ HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I think if we have one for my friends and I that jar would be full in no time! Maybe we should get one .. hehehe