Bridesmaids: The Movie

I have not laughed so hard at a movie theater for a very, very , very long time! So long in fact I actually don’t remember when.

The movie was well scripted, well cast and well directed.

I did not stop laughing throughout the whole movie;  you HAVE to go see it.  Its much funnier than hangover and I am NOT exaggerating.

Loved it.


The Inevitable Avatar Movie Review

Where do I begin with this one.


The fact that the cast was perfect? I would not change anyone.

The fact that the Graphics were BEYOND this world? The planet Pandora was a rich beautiful magical place.

The fact that the 3D effects made you feel like you were there? I felt I was there spying on their world, peaking through a window.

The vivid colors, the sound effects, the different creatures. It was all just perfect.

Everything about the movie was great. I even liked the story, some people said the story was weak but I disagree, there was not one dull moment in the movie and the three hours felt like one.

And it has a message to deliver that we should be one with nature, listen to it not just go destroy it pell-mell because there could be some forces in it that we are not aware of an organized order , harmony. Us not seeing it does not mean it does not exist.

I give it two thumbs up.


It could even convince Roba into going to the theater

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New Moon – The Movie

Two words,  Team Jacob.

Rain never looked so good.

The movie was a hundred times better than Twilight. Twilight bored me to tears when I watched it, it was so bad, but this movie was much better.

Just like in the Novel I want Bella to die because she irritates me … A LOT. She is just so … needy .. I don’t know what Jacob and Edward see in her. I mean, maybe Edward loves her because he can’t read her mind but WHY JACOB??? He can do SO much better.

The acting was sub par, when Edward and Bella kiss they look like they SHOULD be in pain but never accomplish the effect. And another thing, I understand Edward is a vampire and all and his body is hard as marble and blah blah, but should his acting be so rigid and cold and marbly too? And Bella’s acting is just so NON EXISTENT .
HOW did those two get cast?

But the Volturi scene does not disappoint. Aro is a really really good actor. In one scene he reads Edwards mind where he sees how he desires Bella so much that Edwards desire makes him thirsty so the Volturi salivates and swallows and YOU (the movie watcher) feel thirsty. And Jane ,helloooooooo, is DAKOTA FANNING!!! Great choice.

The Volturi will make the last movie installment (Breaking Dawn) AWESOME.

You are welcome!

So, if we were scoring Jacobs hotness I would give the movie a 10/10. But since we need to be objective and take everything into consideration and blah blah blah I would give the movie a 7/10.


District 9


The whole movie was under raps until it was released and I think it was easy to keep it under raps because all the cast were new actors or actors who never were in a major picture.

The lead actor , Sharlto Copley did such a phenomenal job!  He effortlessly went from a nobody, to a person drunk on power to a unlikly hero.

District 9

The aliens , who looked wicked, landed on earth and they were put in a refugee camp for over 20 years which turned into a ghetto were crime thrived.

The movie discusses xenophobia and social segregation and according to Wikipedia “It was inspired by historical events that took place in South Africa during the apartheid in a residential area of Cape Town named District Six.”

A message that resonated with me is that everybody are capable of racism even if they suffered from racism themselves.

Loved it and I will buy it and I hope there will be a sequel 😀 .

Click here to watch the trailer. SUCH A COOL WEBSITE. Watch the trailer and stay on the site you will get so many more short vids and cool things.

OK I can’t stop playing on this site. SO COOL!!!!

For more facts about the film on Wikipedia click here

Transformers 2

Optimus prime is a bad ass.


Bummblebee will always be my favorite. bumblebee-1

I have been dreaming of owning that Camaro. I NEED it.


And did you see the Jordanian flag in the moive? LOVED IT.

The movie was funny, suspenseful. I really enjoyed it.

But one thing  I want to get off my chest.Petra is NOT a walking distance from the pyramids, just so you know, in case you were wondering.


And one more thing. What was the Oompa Loompa doing in the movie?

umpa lumpa

Go watch it. I give it the 7aki fadi thumbs up.

OMG I Totally Forgot….

… to wish myself a happy birthday on my blog!!!


Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to 7akiiiiiiii
Happy birthday to meeeeeeee

So baba 7aki got me wicked and I mean WICKED presentSSSSSSS ( stress on the s, hahahaha)

And my birthday was yesterday.

I am 33 years old. YIKES! How did the years fly like that people??? Like, seriously, I don’t understand how I am 33. And I hate odd numbers , they are kind of creepy don’t you think?

And I want the summer to come already, I am freezing my ass here. 25 BELOW zero today, WHY? What purpose does -25 serve, seriously.

OK so I was at the library last week, I am at the library a lot these days, at least once a week and sometimes twice a week and I saw Oprah’s 20th anniversary collection (6 DVD’s) so I borrowed it. And what a fucking bummer those DVD’s were. I wanted to sob while watching half of them.

Like what the hell man, there is crying by people and Oprah in half of the 6 DVD’s. And I am hormonal and a bit sleep deprived.

But they were good, really good, I never realized Oprah was sooo amazing, I always thought she was boring and OMG wanted her to get laid already, hehehehe, but she moved me. And you have to watch this collection.

If I am to take away anything from this collection it would be the one thing that struck me the most and stayed with me. It is the simple act of how you greet or look at your child. Always have a smile on your face when you look at your kid because at a young age children only see a happy loving face or a critical face which gets them to thinking” What did I do wrong now?” or ” My parents don’t love me”, which will cause them to have so much self doubt resulting in low self esteem.

But there is soooo much more, interviews with Nelson Mandela, which was amazing because his talk and resistance of apartheid reminded me of our peoples plight. Also Sidney Poitier who is such an inspiration and many more people.

I have to say, her 20 year collection is very inspiring. I never thought I would say that about Oprah but I kinda like her after watching this.

So if I had a dinner party and I could invite 4 people dead or alive I want to invite:

Oprah, cos she is an icon and she likes to read just like me so it would be interesting to talk to her.
King Husain. I heard he liked fried tomatoes ( gallayet bandora). He is such a charismatic person and was such a legend.
Jon Stewart. He is soooooooooooo funny you gotta love him.
Gerard Butler, because he’s hot. And every dinner table NEEDS hotness. LOOOOOOOL.

Who would you invite?

Now you see it, now you don’t

I want this bike

I want this bike

I went and watched “The Dark Night” on Monday and I will leave you with this image:

The Jokers idea of a magic trick is to make a pencil disappear in a mans head. Now you see it, now you don’t.

So yeah. Go watch it. I loved it and it gave me nightmares that night.

Apparently pregnant women have very very vivid dreams which are caused by … pregnancy… so I watched it and I could not but dream it all. Anything that happens to me during the day I have vivid dreams about at night so maybe watching it was not the smartest thing to do. But I loved it.

The joker was brilliantly creepy, the plot was smart because I could not predict ANYTHING and I am always usually the one ruining movies for people because I never fail to predict things but I sure was surprised again and again with this one.

The most annoying thing about the movie? Batman’s voice. I kept wanting to drink water whenever I heard him speak because I am sure he ended up with a sore throat after the movie was done.

Go watch it, unless dark movies give you nightmares.

I like dark movies.

While watching the previews 2 movies caught my eye: Tropic Thunder which I am dying to watch , it looks SUPER funny. In it Robert downy Junior plays a black man, he is unrecognizable, so funny.

could you spot Robert Dwoney Jr. ?

Could you spot Robert Downey Jr. ?

Another one is another comic called Watchmen, the same director that did 300 did this one , yeah if that doesn’t sell you then nothing will. Looks OUTSTANDING. Watch the trailer.

Same director as 300

Same director as 300

In other news this weekend is a long weekend so I am phsyced about that. And the weather for a change doesn’t SUCK with rain.  Or that’s what the weatherman said.