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Why? Some Pointless Questions

1) When we store eggs why do we have to put the pointy side down?

2) How are diapers made? And what’s that super absorbent gel?

3) Why does baby breath smell soooo good? I swear it smells like vanilla or like sweetness and yummyness. I think we should bottle that smell, it could make any woman swoon. I think it’s the baby’s gums that add to the OMGodness, OMG the gums are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!! I love the gums, I can’t say enough about how much I LOVE THE TOOTHLESS GUMS. So help me God.

4) Why do I torture myself and stay up late after the kids go to sleep at night and suffer in the morning? I HATE ME …. sometimes.

5) Why are you reading this post?

6) Why is the sky blue? I always forget this piece of information, no matter how many times I look it up, I forget.

7) Why do bloggers say goodbye and say I am done with blogging forever and blah blah and then they come back? These people bore me, I mean, if you want to stop blogging you just do that, you stop. Like Hani, he just stopped, Hani, we miss you come back

8 ) Will I ever be able to live in an Arab country again? Especially Jordan?

9) Seriously. Why are you reading this post?

10) Why do I want to have another baby when my baby is only five months old? Peoples, I have the “I want to have a baby” fever and I HAVE A BABY already!!!! Maybe I’m a quintuplet Mom in the making?
But peanut is sooooooooo good peoples, and did I tell you her breath smells sweet and delicious?

11) Who is the MOFO who said women have to remove the hair on their bodies? Who started this MOFO trend? Well, if you find that person AKA MOFO tell them I said EF YOU, MOFO!!!!

12) Why do people, when they travel to a different country, go shopping although the place they live has the exact same stuff? It’s like vacation makes the money you have seem like monopoly money. So, why?

13) Why are we on this earth?
I think we are on this earth to smell babies sweet breath. Cos peoples, I tell you, it’s worth it. I am going to start a new religion. I’ll call it BSB HAHAHAHA

14) Is funk dead?

15) What is funk?

16) How do they sell liquid milk that is not refrigerated? How is it made? Does is scare you that it does not spoil outside of the fridge? Is it made of alien milk?

17) Why is cabin fever called cabin fever?

18) Why?

My Hello Kitty Obsession

Since I was a kid I LOVED hello kitty and still do!

I was in Toronto in Mid January and found a beautiful hello kitty necklace. Little 7aki saw it and said”Wow this is pretty is it for me?” I was like “Nooooooooooooooooooo. This is Mommy’s,  but you can borrow it .” Heheheh.

I wish I could take a picture and show you but me no have the camera. The camera is in Dubai. but it looks something like this but more blingy:


Another thing I am addicted to, kinder surprise, she is not allowed to play with my collection, YES I have a collection and it a  big collection and she’s not allowed to touch it. I tell her ” Get your own” HAHAHAHAHHAAHA.

Sigh. Will I ever grow up?

7aki Fadi has Tagged 7aki Fadi: The Bag Tag


Click to Enlarge

This is an old old tag that I tagged myself with, yeah, it seems that tags are kind of dead. But I am soooooooo bored that I decided to do this tag after seeing it at Roba’s and Hal’s blogs sooo long ago I can’t even find them to link them.

So here goes:

1) My Wallet that is sooo stuffed to the point the clasp broke, but I looooove it and I don’t want to get another one. But I have to 😦 .

2) Lip gloss and lipstick, let me see, 1,2,3,4,5,6. Why would anybody need 6????

3) Body Butter from “The Body Shop”. OMG this makes my skin soooooooo smooooooooth, I really looooooove it. Ladies (and gents) If you have never experienced body butter, my soul cries for you.

4) Sample perfumes I got when I bought some perfumes (I am a confessed perfume whore). I use them if I forget to put perfume before I leave home or if I want to bribe little 7aki. She loves perfume too. Like mother like daughter.

5) The book ” God is not great: How religion poisons everything” . Pretty interesting book, I’m reading it slower than I would like and I am liking it so far, very interesting. Check out this interview with the author (warning, may offend some people)

6) My IPod and it’s stuff.

7) The phone.

8 ) My cheque book. I use it a lot.

9) Three pens and a pencil. OK so the Daisy Duck one is a present from William. I LOVE IT so I keep it in my purse. The other one is a fancy bling bling pen, I gave it to little 7aki and somehow it ended up in my purse and a Disney princesses pencil and a little mini pen. Why do I have four writing implements and not ONE piece of paper???? Baffling.

10) Stickers. Yeah, Moms roll like that. Hehehehe

11) My work badge. Considering I have not worked since Sept 1st, 2008 it surprises me that this is still in my purse.

12) My Subway tokens purse thingy. LOVE IT. It’s a little butterfly.

13) Two things of floss, toothpaste, a brush ups sample. I’ve never tried the brush ups, are they any good?

14) A bunch of gift cards from Gap, Sears, Pottery Barn and Mastermind. Why do I still have these cards? I should go and use them. Oh I forgot, I am home with baby all the time and the weather sucks MAJOR ass.

15) Wet napkin.

16) Gum.

The End

So what’s in your purse.

And Please please please people do this tag I am bored and I would like people to do it so I can get some entertainment.

Men can do bed side table tag 🙂

The End

PS: What’s the difference between a bag and a purse?

PPS: If you reached this far down in the post you deserve a medal, for real.

PPPS: The End

Barack Lincoln


Obama is being compared a lot to Abraham Lincoln or at least people are hopeful that he is.

Also there is a rumor that Hilary Clinton is going to be Secretary of state. Interesting.

I really CAN’T wait for Inauguration Day on January 20th, 2009.

Check out this funny cartoon via source





HAHAHAHAHAHA pork roast on Xmas day, that is just tooooo funny.



A Future Glimpse: Jordanian Blogsphere Post Topics in Ramadan.

Here is a glimpse into the future to what the topics will be like on the Jordanian blog sphere during the holy month of Ramadan:

– Someone will complain that the people just fast and do nothing else like be angry and gossip and what not.

– Someone will complain:  OMG why can’t people leave me the hell alone if I don’t want to fast? It’s a personal choice.

– Someone will complain about people wasting so much food in Ramadan , since when is Ramadan about eating? It’s about sacrifice and worshiping God.

– Someone will post Abu mahjoob caricature either protesting the prices in Ramadan, the gluttony of the people, or the state of the workforce during Ramadan.

– Someone will complain: Since when is Ramadan going for argeeleh and playing cards? What about worshiping God?

– Someone will post pictures of food (heheheh that would be actually welcome)

– Someone will complain about why do we need short hours in Ramadan and how the country goes in a stand still . BUT WHY? why can’t it be just a regular day?

– Someone will post about how people are obsessed with TV in Ramadan and maybe recap the musalsalat that are going on.

– Maioush will say: Il Roz lissa ma istawa. HAHAHAHAHAHA

– Then when Eid comes, someone will protest about the silliness of just visiting someone who was at your house 10 minutes ago and how they’re dying from the sweets and coffee they had to endure and how young couples escape to Aqaba or something.

– The ultimate post where someone will complain about all the above

So this basically covers almost anything that would be said about Ramadan and guess what, it already started.

Ramadan Mubarak Y’all


… minutes left to be at home.  8 days to be precise.

But, for today I am done, I am very very tired right this second, it’s only 2:15 and I think I will catch the next train home . I need to lay down. I have zero energy and a bit dizzy so I will go home and nap.

I really want my mommy 😦  .