10 Year Wedding Anniversary Part 2

BamBam (who’s a good friend) emailed me today and told me that I was a “Poo Poo Head” for cramping Baba 7aki’s style and that I should have let him “do his thing” and I can go buy myself the IPad.

Little does he know that before I even read his email I was feeling HORRIBLE about being a flat out surprise spoiler ( yeah Baba 7aki was a bit miffed) and now I feel even WORSE.


And then he wanted to know what I got my man so here goes:

I got him this yesterday:

We already have the PS3 and I knew he had his eye on the PS3 move for a while .

I spent about an hour setting it up and downloading some games; we have an entertainment centre that is about 9 feet away from the TV and all the wiring is snaked inside the wall(maybe I will share some pics one day) so I had to buy USB extension cord and set the “eye” on top of the TV to make sure it’s positioned properly and did all this good stuff before he got home. To my luck he was working a bit late and came in JUST as I finished setting things up ; I managed to sneak in some play time, MWAAAHAHAHAHA , my arm hurts though, that move gets you moving!

I wanted to show it to him this morning but I CANNOT WAIT TO SURPRISE SOMEONE TO SAVE MY LIFE so I showed him his present last night…he he he I am such a loser. He LOVED it

Baba 7aki is lucky to have a techie wife I tell ya 😀 . And don’t tell him I said this but sometimes my technical skills surpass his. heheeeeee . Fo realz yo.

Tonight we will have our dinner and little does he know that I have another surprise up my sleeve; he thinks he got the “Move” and that is it but I also got him this:

I hope he likes it.

And yeah, I will be lucky if I get a MOFO shib-shib (flip flops) after upsetting him yesterday . LOL.


The Inevitable Avatar Movie Review

Where do I begin with this one.


The fact that the cast was perfect? I would not change anyone.

The fact that the Graphics were BEYOND this world? The planet Pandora was a rich beautiful magical place.

The fact that the 3D effects made you feel like you were there? I felt I was there spying on their world, peaking through a window.

The vivid colors, the sound effects, the different creatures. It was all just perfect.

Everything about the movie was great. I even liked the story, some people said the story was weak but I disagree, there was not one dull moment in the movie and the three hours felt like one.

And it has a message to deliver that we should be one with nature, listen to it not just go destroy it pell-mell because there could be some forces in it that we are not aware of an organized order , harmony. Us not seeing it does not mean it does not exist.

I give it two thumbs up.


It could even convince Roba into going to the theater

Click here for lots  more reviews and ratings.


Our Ever Shrinking Attention Span

I can’t begin to describe my increasingly diminishing attention span and I blame it all on the Internet.

Think about it. Before the advent of the Internet, which I will define as google because seriously it feels like google IS the Internet, we used to sit at the library and read and search. We used to spend hours just to get a piece of information. Now with the magic that is google, all the time you need to get the information is the time it takes to write it down and hit enter.

The sad thing is we most probably forget what we Googled by the next day because, hey, why waste brain cells by storing information since we can google it again at anytime?

Don’t forget magazines and newspapers, you don’t need to get dressed, grab some money, walk or drive to the store, buy the magazine, drive back home and THEN read every single word in it because you put all this time and effort to get it. Now you can simply get all the news you want in the comfort of your home or even car.

That’s where impatience comes, it feels like we need this information and we need it NOW. I don’t want to wait to go get it I can get it this second, I can get the weather and a recipe and comparative prices for the cars I like and I can get anything I want really.


I can even go live in a fantasy world if I wanted.

I think the attention span of everyone is getting shorter, articles, TV shows, even blogs cater to people with short attention spans. Bloggers apologise if their blog posts are too long or too wordy and usually put pictures every few paragraphs.

As far as my attention span goes I think having children added to my short attention span, I can’t hold a conversation for longer than 3 minutes if my kids are around, I get impatient and start shifting in my seat because my train of thought always gets interrupted somehow. My eyes and ears and head are not with the person I am talking to, it’s with the kids because it always feels like one kid is climbing the walls and the other kid is eating my shoes.

Because, hellooooooo, haven’t you heard? Shoes are yummy.

How Twitter Changed the Face of Blogging

I never realized that it is possible to convey a message, an idea or a thought with only 140 characters or less. It is really liberating.

That’s how Twitter benefited bloggers and blog readers. Instead of flooding the blog with one liners, or posting a rant here and there and writing fluff around it to make it into a post you simply share it on twitter and away you go, no need to have 10+ posts a day with a hundred links and video shares that, frankly, most people don’t bother to read.

Like when facebook came along the number of email forwards I received fell sharply that now I don’t even get any email forwards (except from a 55 year old lady that is still catching up on technology).

Twitter did the same to link posts. Since Twitter was born the number of those posts fell dramatically. I hardly see any posts that just link to a piece of news unless there is analysis or some sort of comment by the author.

Twitter has also opened the door to hundreds of thousands of people that might not have the time or energy to blog where you can still be in touch with people by simply and quickly updating them to what you do or read or think about on the fly via your cell phone or blackberry or IPhone.

But like everything that has good sides and bad one of the negative things is that some of my favorite bloggers (I am talking to you Tololy) have left their blogs and only twitter now. I can understand why; writing a post with over 1400 characters VS 140 is a lot of work.

Another thing is that people over share, OMG I had great lasagna (ahem ahem points finger at self), let me share it with the world.

But the most annoying thing is using shorthand, if you can’t fit what you need to twitter in 140 characters then please go blog it or something. Using words like b4, me 2, or u 2 and tc (just for you Roba 😉 ) is just not English. Maybe I am becoming like those older people who tell boys to cut their hair and pull up their pants but I don’t enjoy tweets that are written like that. Same goes for 3arabizi. It just takes too much energy to read.

But one thing for sure is that twitter is fun.

My Technorati Ranking

So I haven’t checked technorati for maybe a year and my ranking now is 27,620 and my authority is  147 😯 .

That’s pretty high(ish) peoples. (Not realy that high).

The question is ………….. why? HAHAHAHAHAHA

I guess people like blogs about nothing.

Find your ranking.

Why Kids These Days Think They Had It Hard

So yesterday I got this email and I posted it here (You have to read this first before you read this post), then one of the guys who got the email wrote this, and I was laughing soooo hard it is soooooooo funny:

Whatever, that’s nothing!
When I was young, I had to bend behind the computer and take the phone cord out of my phone and plug it into a modem. Do you have any idea how dusty it is behind a computer desk?!? Then I had to wait like 3 minutes while the Internet connected via slow dial-up connection. It would make all these crazy computer & static noises, it was horrible!
Oh, and we didn’t have these fancy MP3 players or IPODS…noooooooo, I had to burn a good old fashioned Compact Disc! I had to log onto Napster, which would take my damn dial-up Internet about 8 minutes to load. Then I had to search for songs, half of which were viruses! It would take like 2 hours to download one illegally-shared song! Then after downloading enough songs to make a CD, I would literally have to sit there and wait a good 30 minutes while my HP Home PC, Windows 98 Version would burn the CD.
These kids don’t know how good they have it these days!!
End Rant.

Partial RSS feeds SUCK ASS

They really do, and I notice some people I read are swiching to partial feeds.

Trust me, if you have a partial feed I am not really reading your posts. For real, you have to be a die hard fan to read a blog with partial feeds. Most of the time when it’s a partial feed I skim through the titles/posts and after a month or so I un-subscribe. Too much effort and too boring to have 100 tabs open just to check the posts.

And trust me, on the long run you will have more subscribers if you have a full feed.

Check this post out, see how many other people hate partial feeds and see what this blogger has to say.

And those who switched from partial to full, (yes I noticed) I LOVE YOUR BLOG 😀 .